Iron on Football Numbers for Shirts

Hi everybody, getting ready for your new kit, we thought it would be wise to write a bit about football numbers, and what to look out for when buying them.

TeeTransfers makes and sells iron on football numbers for use on standard garments such as t-shirts, basic football tops etc.

The great thing about our numbers is the quality.  We do not use a cheap material, we use the most expensive durable material allowing your top to look great for longer without worrying about peeling or cracking.

Be careful about purchasing cheaper numbers, as they will not last a long time.  Football numbers need to be durable as they are washed more often, and get more "hammer" than a standard garment.

We offer 3 different types of football numbers, but we will be adding some new ones soon :D

Why not make your top more personal and have the letters above the number!

For our full range of football numbers, please visit our football numbers category in our shop, where we offer the numbers at 3 inch, 6inch and 9inch sizes.

Click Here to view the numbers


  1. Hey, I wanted to know the price of the 6-inch size. I want a custom design for the back of the shirt with the digit “14” for my son. I haven’t been spending time with him because I spend most of my time in an essay writing service company. So I am thinking to gift him this tee in order to make up for him. Please let me know about the price. Thank you.


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