Make your own Workwear @teetransfers

With the current economic climate (how many times have you heard that in the past 12 months), many people are unfortunately losing their regular day to day jobs.

With the lack of jobs around, many of us have turned to self employment as a way to make sure we keep a roof over our heads, and to put food on the table.

This is not a sob story don't worry...

First impressions Count
If you have started your own business, and are wanting to make the correct impact on your customers, then maybe its time to get your uniform sorted.  Yes in an ideal world first impressions may not matter, but lets be honest... they do.

Thats why we have designed a load of business related iron on transfers to give you the edge (sounds like an exercise commercial - he he he).  Our range of iron on logos will make your standard boring plain t-shirt/polo look more professional - without costing a fortune!

Lets take Jim's business as an example.  He's a bricky, and spends most of his time outdoors building outhouses, extensions etc.

We dont give a second thought about sign writing our vehicles, but what do people focus on - when a wall isd being built? The builder!

So using TeeTransfers Jim ordered the following:

1 x Trowel Transfer 10cm High  - Cost £1.00
JIMS BRICKWORK @ 5cm High in Black - Cost £4.55

Total Transfer Cost: £5.55

These were then placed on a T-Shirt, and he wears it when hes working.

Its a walking advert!   Imagine walking around the supermarket with your company logo / slogan / telephone number on a t-shirt / hoody.. its free advertising (well apart from the cost of the transfers)

Why not take a look at the full range we "currently" offer - Here

Using our logos we can pretty much cater to the following industries:

  • Builder

  • Mechanic

  • Hairdresser / Barber

  • Block Paver / Driveway

  • Joiner

  • Cleaner

  • Gardener

  • General DIY Person

  • Locksmith / Mobile Lock smith

  • Painter and Decorator

  • Plumber

So get out and start advertising, and remember our transfers are made using the highest grade materials and ARE NOT PRINTED!