How to make your own Personalised Pillows

I found myself this evening wondering what i could write about, what would be a really cool "non t-shirt" how to guide - Personalised Pillow Cases - YES!

Many of you may remember the Pillow Case was used in how to make my own personalised Santas Sack, but what else could our humble pillow cases be used for?  Well the title has given it away already - Personalised Pillow Cases!

Pillow cases are relatively cheap and available from pretty much anywhere these days... Asda, Tesco Primark etc.   So most of us have them, and most of us use them nightly (or daily - dont want to forget about those of us shifts!).  What i found absolutely amazing is the cost of buying the personalised pillow cases from the shops... £29! Wow!  With our transfers, you can radically cut the cost!

Unlike a T-Shirt which is usually washed when it has been worn, a pillow case pretty much lasts a week before washing.  Which brings me to this blog post... "How to make your own personalised Pillow Case".

Ok so what you need:

1) A Pillow Case - Cotton / Polyester - ANY COLOUR! (we discussed where to get these from earlier)
2) Some Iron on Transfers -
3) Hot Iron / Heat Press
4) Creativity! - You must look deep inside ones self for this!

The check list is pretty small, some would argue that it was hardly worth typing it out in a numerical order.  However, it does show that there is not much required to make not only a great gift, but a fantastic bit of personalisation Art!

  • Place your pillow case on a hard flat surface and iron to get it all nice and smooth!
  • Place your transfers where you want them
  • Cover the transfers with a piece of clean white paper (dont use the packing slip - its got ink on!)
  • Press the Iron down without Steam for around 20 seconds
  • Remove the iron
  • Leave to Cool
  • Remove the Plastic Backing (called the carrier)
  • Done!

There you go, it was that easy!  For the transfers only with letters starting at 35p each, its a lost less than the £29.00 for our "competitors".

The Finished Product


Ok so its not every bodies cup of tea, some might even say it looks tacky.  But during these times of economic crisis - maybe its time to let your hair down and have a little fun.  Some examples that have made pillows for include:
  • Unique Wedding Gift (for the night time ;-) ;-) )
  • A gift to a loved one
  • Birthday present for those amongst us that prefer sleep to daylight

You get the idea, Personalised Pillows may never be as popular as personalised t-shirts, but hey - its fun!