What business iron on transfers can we make?

Tee Transfers designs and makes iron on transfers for a number of different businesses across the UK.

Here are a couple of examples of what we can make, and what we would unable to make for your Iron on transfer!

An Explanation of what we do!

All of Tee Transfers products are cut using digital machinery and vector based artwork.  This means that how you and i see the letter "A" as a complete letter, the machinery sees only the lines - We just change the colour of the material.  The machinery is essentially just a blade on a motor.

Can you make my logo?

Is the question we are asked daily!  So we want to show you what to look for and to decide for yourself if we could make your transfer.  (obviously if you are unsure, then drop us an email)

Logos are usually single colour, with the odd exception of a double colour.

What we can make

Single Colour Logos


The most popular by far.  The single colour logo is just a set of shapes and letters all in the same colour, red blue green.. you get the idea!  They do not have any other colour with them.   We would cut your logo out of the colour of your choice and you would apply all in 1 go. (ie. 1 press)

Double Colour Logos


Double colour logos look pretty cool, but do require a bit more time and skill to make and apply.  Each single colour is cut & supplied seperately.  You press/iron 1 colour, remove the backing, then in a second application add the second colour - creating the dual colour logo effect.

This is quite time consuming, but does look amazing!  We have had to do this for a 5 colour logo.. although it took some time it looked brilliant due to the solid colours of the materials we use.

What we cannot make

Full Colour Logos

Full colour logos like the one above, are impossible to make using our technology.  They contains hundereds of different colours, shading, gradients.

If your logo is like the above, or is a photo - then we would be unable to help :-(


TeeTransfers Logo Checklist

  1. Is is solid colours

  2. Is it less than 3 colours

As with all Artwork, if you can also provide a vector based file such as an AI, EPS or CDR file, we would be pretty sure we can make a logo for you.