Don't be fooled by cheaper iron on transfers

Each and every year we see new companies popping up offering "iron on transfers" at prices that are much below ours.  We find this type of competition excellent for the industry and keeps us on our toes by adding new designs, new fonts, new colours and new features to TeeTransfers.

When we started, we only had 1 font, 3 colour choices -  and letters and numbers only... has grown to become the largest UK (if not the world) Iron on Transfer website.

Which is why I want to let you all know - why we are still here, and why the other sites that "seem" to offer the same as us & can do for such a great price?

There has got to be a difference?


Every single order placed on TeeTransfers is designed, cut and hand finished before its even made its way to an envelope for sending.  This means that we can offer such a wide range of colour combinations without keeping stock of anything (apart from the raw materials).

The main reason our transfers are so good is the process we use to make your Iron on Transfers.  If you ordered 1 transfer, the process would be exactly the same as it would be for 10000 transfers (it just takes longer).

How do other companies make Iron on Transfers?

From our test purchase from places like eBay, Amazon and other websites.  All the transfers ordered were either:

  • Inkjet Printed
  • Laser Printed
  • Thermal Printed
Printed iron on transfers are generally much thicker, will not last in the washing machine and will generally make your garment feel like a cereal box has been stuck on to it.

Printed transfers also do not last once applied.  Printed transfers do have tendencies to fade, peel and crack with the general day to day use of your garment.

Printed transfers will always be cheaper than our transfers.  

How will a printed transfer look once applied?

Printed transfers can be made by virtually anybody who has a desktop printer.  You purchase a pack of tshirt paper from your local stationers, pop a sheet in your printer, and then print a word document.  Then cut it, and iron on. Simple! 

From our experience, printed transfers leave a clear glaze over the area where the transfer was applied.  The clear glaze is virtually invisible when the transfer is first applied, but once worn will begin to become discoloured leaving a "box like" shape around your letters.  If you take a look at the image below, you will see what we mean:

Ironically Printed Transfers generally can't make white lettering

Some iron on transfers we received were even worse.  Printed onto standard T-Shirt transfer paper using a normal desktop printer, each word had the background of the transfer paper on.  So it looked like this:

If you want the "name badge sticker" effect, then you will definitely love this method!

Ok, you made your point...what do iron on letters look like from you?

Our iron on letters are made using commercial transfer material.  We purchase the material in 50m rolls in each colour (white, black, red, blue etc).

We then take your order, and type each letter at the size requested into our CAD software -  then send it to our digital cutting machine.

The digital cutter then makes a tiny little cut into the material, which is then passed to our loyal workers where they will pick away the pieces that are not required (like the centres of "0" - or a D in the image below)

So to put it into perspective, if you ordered 100 B's, we would need to pick out the centre parts of each B (there are 2) for every single hand.

How do your transfers look once Ironed On?

Our transfers look great! Used by the RNIB, Rainbow Trust, Channel 4, ITV, Funky Voices Choir, Line Dancer UK, BBQ Aprons, RFU and thousands of other people, our transfers are made to last!

No Border, No Gluey Residue - Just Letters!

In Conclusion

We do not intend in putting people off from buying iron on transfers from other companies, in some cases we encourage it so you can test the transfers yourself.  There is a load of business our there for all of us, but there is nobody else (that we can see) that offers everything that TeeTransfers offers such as:

  • 24 Hours Dispatch on Weekdays
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • Choice of Payment Methods: Credit / Debit Card, PayPal, Google Checkout
  • Choice of over 25 different colours
  • Choice of Fonts
  • Choice of Sizing (2m to 20cm)
  • Metallics (Gold / Silver)
  • Neons (Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange)
  • Video Instructions
  • Letter & Number Transfer Builder (type the letters / numbers you want)
  • I Love Transfer Builder (Type in what you love)
All on 1 easy to use fast UK website.

If you have any questions, please use our contact us page.

Start Shopping at


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