How to make your own Scrabble Pillows / Cushions

Make your own unique Scrabble Inspired Pillows

Using our new iron on scrabble letters, I thought it would be fun to show you how you can make your own scrabble inspired Pillows or Cushions!

Firstly, if you have not already seen out lovely scrabble inspired iron on letters, please visit:

Tools/Material needed for the D.I.Y Scrabble Pillows

Step 1 - Remove the cushion from the pillow case

You need to remove the pillows cushion as the pillow case needs to be flat before you can iron on the scrabble letters.

Step 2 - Position the Iron on Scrabble Letter your desired location

With all our transfers, the transfer is on a clear backing - meaning you can align it on the pillowcase with ease.  Once your have placed the transfer in the approximate position, you can then use a ruler/tape measure to ensure the letter is in the correct position.

Step 3 - Iron on the Transfer

Following our online instructions iron on the transfer, allow to cool and peel away the clear backing.

Once the pillow/cushion has cooled, pop the pillow/cushion back together and give it a good plump!

Step 4 - Cup of Coffee

After all of your hard work, its time to chill, invite some friends round for coffee or just stare at your handy work with a big smile!

Other Ideas for DIY Pillows!

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