Make your own YouTube Channel T-Shirts and make money

Online videos for gamers, make-up, comedy sketches are taking the world by storm, each and every one hoping that their next video will go viral!

The biggest problem with online video services, is that to make any serious money, you need lots of views!

You may have the most dedicated small fan base, but if your videos are not reaching 10k+ views, then your income from video websites will not be high enough.

How can I make money with YouTube?

If you have a dedicated following on YouTube / Twitch then maybe its time to start venturing into online sales by selling some of your own T-Shirts, Wallets, Aprons, Bags etc.

A lot of people turn to large affiliate related personalised websites, where the profit margins are extremely low, and lets be honest - a lot of hassle to maintain for very little return.

How can TeeTransfers Help?

Our iron on transfer material is commercial grade material, meaning you can make your own T-Shirts for a fration of the cost - giving you a lot more income.

We have worked with several "YouTubers" primarily focussing on "online gaming" and "beauty and make-up", to bring their logos to life and provide complete iron on transfers ready for application onto their own range of products - making them a lot more money!

Example of how to make your own T-Shirts for YouTube

Step 1.
Big Cheese Gaming Logo

As an example, a YouTuber (or any business) sends us a logo, which we will convert and save ready for making - this is a totally fictitious logo.

Step 2.

Sell from your own website / ebay / Facebook etc

The YouTuber will offer their range of products, via their live streams, website, Facebook, Twitter, and take orders for:

  • T-Shirts
  • Wallets
  • Aprons
  • Underpants (yes underpants!)
  • Hoodies
  • Jumpers
  • Tote Bags
Step 3.

Your own trade area allowing you to order your own iron on transfer

The YouTuber can then order their iron on transfer directly from our website using a special link, allowing them to:

Step 4.

Once your personalised transfers arrive, just follow our easy to use "How to Iron on Transfers" guide, and send the finished product out!

How much money could I make with my own product range?

If we take an average price from some of the online T-Shirt/Gift websites (its not fair to name them).  For a £15.00 T-Shirt (exc P&P), you can expect to make about £1.80 profit.

Using TeeTransfers and a bit of your time, the cost breakdown could be as follows:

1 x Transfer A5 size: £5.00 (each logo is different - some cheaper / some more expensive)
1 x T-Shirt £2.00

Total Cost £7.00
Potential Profit £8.00 per T-Shirt!

The above does not take into account any postage and packing costs for either method.

I am excited!  What is the next stage?

If you are serious about selling your own range of products to help fund your passion, then get in contact with us.  We can set up custom order pages ready for when you get your first order!

Our design team can convert your exiting logo into something that would look amazing for all your subscribers / followers.

All you need to do is contact us.