Save money when you order more at

We are excited to bring you our very latest promotion, allowing you to save money when you place an order for 6 or more of the same type of transfer.

Take a look at the table below.  On orders of 1-6 transfers (of the same type, colour, size) the price stays as advertised.

For quantities of 6 to 11 products, you save 10% off the unit price.  The discount amount increases for the higher quantities - potentially saving you heaps of money!

Multi-Buy Discount Structure


The table below shows the amount of savings possible using our new multi-buy pricing structure.

Ordering 100 of the 35p letters saves you £7.00

Do I need to enter a code, to enable this feature?

Not at all, our cart system will automatically discount items for you.  The savings will be shown in the cart as per the image below:

Multi Buy Savings automatically added to the basket!


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