Use Iron on Letters for School Name Badges

As the summer holidays draw to an end, new uniforms have been bought, its time to start looking at protecting the expensive school uniforms.

In the past we have always used a messy permanent marker to write on the label.  But after only a couple of washes the marker began to "bleed" making a nice fuzzy black spot where the once pristine name was.

Iron the name badges onto the back of the clothing for complete peace of mind

Using iron on letters from TeeTransfers, we can take the messy hassle of putting names in school clothing, either order individual iron on letters or use our easy to use iron on word builder to type the initials / names required.

Our iron on letters are commercial grade letters, meaning they are used everyday for builders, kitchen installers, painters and decorators - which means once ironed on correctly, they will take some moving!

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